Welcome to the iTeach180 Project. This wiki is first and foremost a resource for everyone to use. I encourage you to steal everything you see on here. As I shared earlier, I was laid off from my position this past July and cast off the island by my former charter school. What bothered me most about this situation was that I would not have the opportunity to teach and evolve the position I created last fall. I am currently sitting on curriculum, wikis, google docs, videos, etc. that are going unused at the moment and that bothers me. So I am going to change this.

I am embarking on a project in which I will perform my duties as an Instructional Technology Specialist without a classroom. Each day I will create lessons and generate ideas that any content area teacher can synthesize with his or her curriculum. I will provide standards, lesson outlines, instructional videos, outcomes, hypothetical student projects, etc. that will fulfill vision that I set out for this year.

I will be turning my blog, iTeach, into my forum for this endeavor. I ask you to join me, comment often, provide constructive criticism, question my methods, suggest lessons and projects,etc. I ask you to all of my lessons and pass them on to your Colleagues, Administration, and Parents.

I will also be adding a public google calendar to this site. You may sign up for time throughout the week by clicking here, to chat about lessons or projects that you may need help with. If you are a new teacher this could greatly help. If you are a veteran teacher and are looking to implement technology for the first time or are still nervous about using it, this could help you as well. Sign up for as much time as you need and I will consult with you via twitter, gchat, skype, or telephone.